Trend and analyze consumer behavior week-by-week

Simmons Consumer Trends (formerly DataStream) is an industry-first service that provides advertisers, agencies and media companies with a single-source solution to assess advertising performance and detect consumer trends that marketers can use to demonstrate that their actions drive measurable results.

Consumer Trends delivers weekly updates of over 60,000 consumer data elements from the trusted Simmons National Consumer Study, guaranteeing that marketers can identify and react to changing consumer sentiments, seasonality shifts and other market fluctuations.

Features & Capabilities

  • Integrated dynamic reporting and charting.
  • User-defined event creation/saving.
  • Robust exporting options, including to Excel or as a PDF or a PNG file.
  • 24/7 access available through the Simmons OneView online delivery platform.
  • Data is available 6 weeks after it comes in from the field.
  • New data elements debut in DataStream 6 months before they are available for analysis in the National Consumer Survey.

Key Benefits


Identify and react to changing consumer sentiments, seasonality shifts, and other market fluctuations and analyze consumer behavior week-by-week.


Spot movements in behavior or attitudes relative to user-defined events or marketing campaigns for your brands – or those of the competition.


Select a custom date range for analysis of trends that are specific to your campaign or business cycle.


Create a detailed target by using combinations of the over 55,000 consumer variables from Simmons National Consumer Insights.

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