Develop a clear picture of payment trends in the post-cash era

The Simmons Digital Currency & Payments Study benchmarks the state of mobile and digital payments, uncovers the factors that influence consumer adoption, and measures consumer sentiment toward brands at the forefront of this space, helping marketers capitalize on digital currency and payment trends.

Features & Capabilities

  • Mobile payment awareness, usage, and share of wallet.
  • Payment preferences by type and brand, spending habits, and usage drivers.
  • Awareness and familiarity with cryptocurrencies.
  • Cryptocurrency use, including brands, frequency, and purpose of usage.
  • Frequency of use, spending habits, and motivations for using mobile payment apps and in-app purchases.
  • Factors influencing consumer choice across mobile and traditional payment methods.
  • Attitudes about payments, including security, ease of use, convenience, and novelty.
  • Brand affinity and loyalty measures toward different types of payment services.

Key Benefits

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